As a veterinarian myself, I thought I was already doing absolutely everything to support my aging Labrador as she developed joint problems and neurological issues. She takes many medications and supplements a day, but going into her 13th year she still seemed to be slowing down quite a bit. Dr. Tsakiris performed a very thorough intake and consultation with me, and came up with a few small changes she wanted me to make. We started a new regimen and within a month, I swear my old girl morphed back into her old puppy self. I saw her doing things I hadn't seen her do in YEARS - getting the zoomies around the yard, instigating wrestling matches with the younger dog, and showing more interest and stamina for walks. It just goes to show that there is almost something more to learn about medicine. I can't believe the energy and spunk I'm seeing out of her as she enters her twilight years and I can't think Dr. Tsakiris enough for that.

Erin Masur

The doctors and staff are amazing.
10/10 for customer service.
10/10 for a good analysis of situation
10/10 for explanation for next steps
10/10 for experience provided
My dog came in and couldn't move after acupuncture and laser she is now back to her normal self. Thank you for all your help and for taking me in last minute when no other hospital or vet wanted to help me. Your selfless act allowed my dog to get the help she needed.

Emely Wexler

Dr. Tsakiris & her staff are all incredibly knowledgeable, kind and caring. My dog loves going to see them & happily runs right into their office to greet everyone, which (especially considering we started going during the pandemic so have only ever done curbside visits) tells me everything I need to know about them.

Rachel Silverstein

Dr Tkaritis has helped my dog Nala Tremendously, Thank You Doctor.

Veronica Kole

I have been taking my pup, Emma, for several years after an injury. The medical 'cure' was to take medication that could lead to liver damage so I sought a more natural path. Dr. T was the perfect solution. Emma now only needs to go periodically when she does too much. She is so calm for the sessions and they are just what she needs. Dr. T and the entire staff is so gently and understanding. Extremely happy!

Sharon Merritt

Dr. Alexia is the best! Me and my dog Pintxo are very thankful for her and her team!!!!

Julia Schvartzer

The perfect experience, exactly what I was looking for in a holistic approach to taking care of my dog. My primary recommended surgery for my dogs partially torn ACL but thankfully Dr. Alexia Tsakiris recommended acupuncture and laser treatments along with some herbal supplements. After just one visit my dog is doing better. Dr. Tsakiris really took the time to go over everything related to my dog and that brought me such piece of mind to know she ACTUALLY cared enough about my dog to explain everything to me. Couldn't thank her enough. I definitely recommend

Lex Massimi

Excellent service. Very capable doctors and staff. Calm, soothing environment. Our dog has shown remarkable improvement in her mood, energy level, and movement (gait, stiffness, alignment) from treatments here. A vet office she truly enjoys visiting!

Sean Walsh

There is gentleness at this place. All my dogs have received wonderful care from my dogs who were healthy to all my dogs with severe health issues. They were a light in the darkness for me til the end of my dogs' lives.

Krista Hanus

Dr. Tsakiris holistic approach is soothing and calming, my German Shepard is very calm and relaxed whenever she is there. No shaking when entering the building!!!! Try the Acupuncture for your dog, great results. Staff friendly and caring.

Hayley Stamos

Just amazing care and consciousness

AmbraBrian Talarico-Fitzgerald