What do you do there at Naturopawthic Veterinary Wellness Center in Red Bank, NJ?

We are an integrative holistic veterinary office. We offer a whole body approach to health and wellness using nature along with the most recent scientific research. Our doctors have been practicing veterinary medicine for over 15 years. This experience offers their patients the best medicine by knowing how and when to integrate natural medicine. By collaborating with your pet's other veterinarians (general practitioner and other specialists) we are able to provide the best medicine for your pets unique needs. We are a specialty practice and do not offer vaccines, emergency services or xrays, and do not stock conventional medications such as antibiotics.

We offer:
Integrative Holistic Treatment options for everything from Treatments for chronic diseases to wound care to wellness maintenance including:
herbal medicine (Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic, and Greek),
body work,
nutrition and food therapy,
ozone therapy
Nutraceuticals and supplements
Wellness exams and comprehensive wellness plans for all stages of life, including blood work if not done by your GP
Vaccine titers: while vaccines are necessary, we believe in the judicious use of them and recommend titering when possible
A non-biased second opinion

What is integrative veterinary medicine?

Integrative medicine combines all branches of medicine to create the best individual approach to each patient. Using holistic medicine often further supports our patients also being treated with conventional medicine. Holistic medicine can be used alone. Our doctors are proficient in all forms of medicine and know when to treat with holistic modalities and when to refer to a different specialist.

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What is the difference between holistic and homeopathic medicine?

Holistic Medicine is a branch of medicine off of the tree of veterinary medicine, like conventional medicine is. Homeopathy is a smaller branch off of the holistic branch.

Will my animal sit still for acupuncture? Does it hurt?

We use very thin acupuncture needles which are barely noticed when placed. If for some reason your pet is uncomfortable after the placement of a needle, it will be removed. Once the needles are in, most of our patients experience what we call the acupuncture chill, where they settle down and take a nap. As every patient is an individual, we are accommodating for our patients' individual needs. So if your pet needs to pace with their needles in they are allowed to do so.

Are there any side effects to acupuncture?

Your pet may be sleepy for 24 hours after their treatment or they may go home and run around. Everyone responds differently.

Do you see success using acupuncture and herbs in dogs and cats?

Absolutely! Every case is different, and our doctors are experienced veterinarians who have helped thousands of patients. Integrative and holistic medical approaches are like anything else in life which requires maintenance. You don't go to the gym once and are fit for life. The same thing goes for maintaining health. Keeping the body, mind and spirit in homeostasis is a lifelong journey.

How often does my pet need to come in?

We recommend your pet comes in once a week for 3 weeks and then a maintenance plan is made which may look like once a month or at the change of seasons.

How do I give my pet herbal medicine and supplements?

Please watch our informative video on giving your pets medicine and supplements.

How much is an initial consultation?

An initial consultation is $230 and lasts an hour. This gives you time to sit down with the doctor and discuss what is going on with your pet and your concerns. The treatments are included in the cost, and any prescribed formulas are additional.


Initial Consult: $230

Acupuncture: $109

Laser: $42

Bodywork: $74

Combo Acupuncture + Body Work: $145

Will Pet insurance cover the visit?

Yes! Most pet insurance companies will cover the visit. Always check with the company first though. We will gladly give an itemized receipt for the client to submit to the insurance company.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept all credit cards (Amex, Visa, Discover, Mastercard) and cash. We do not accept Care Credit or Checks.